FX Artists - Vancouver

The Effects Artist at CoSA VFX works to create photoreal FX for immediate feedback from CG Supervisors, VFX Supervisors, FX Supervisors and Clients.  This role is a key component and ensures the latest and greatest FX visuals for on-set decision making. Top-level FX skills, collaboration within a team, and creative problem-solving are a must.

Key Responsibilities:

Be able to work with the Global Head of CG, CG Supervisors and FX Supervisors to determine the best possible technical and creative approaches to ensure timely completion of effects.
Take ownership of a wide range of VFX (fire, smoke, magic, electricity, explosions, etc.) using various techniques in Houdini.
Serve as an active participant in team art discussions, critiques, and reviews.
Research and collect reference to help guide the look of VFX.
Work within the established art styles of our wide-range of Episodic TV.


Minimum of 3 years’ experience in film, cinematics, games, or equivalent education/work experience


Proven production experience crafting eye-catching FX using Houdini on multiple high end VFX Episodic or Feature Films
Proven experience in producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions, plus experience with particle and voxel based rendering
Python and Hscript knowledge.  VEX Scripts and C++ programming experience a plus
Ability to adapt to various art styles and willingness to lean new skills and techniques
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Ability to multi-task, set priorities and problem solve
Team Player with an openness for collaboration
Calm under pressure and production deadlines


Experience creating procedural shaders using various shader languages.
Ability to build FX concept art.
Compositing experience with Nuke.
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Visualization or Animation
Knowledge of Ftrack or other production shot tracking software
Knowledge of one or more renderers commonly used in production: Vray, Redshift, Mantra

Please submit a cover letter and reel as part of your application. Applications without a reel will not be considered.


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