NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA: JUNE 3, 2019 -- The sophisticated suspense thriller Swamp Thing premiered Friday, May 31 on the DC Universe streaming service ( and CoSA VFX is happy to have been the exclusive vendor for digital effects on the series.
Based on the DC Comics series originally created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing follows a CDC investigator named Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) who returns to her home town of Marais, Louisiana to investigate a mysterious illness. There, she encounters a biologist named Alec Holland (Andy Bean) who believes the bizarre swamp-born illness might be connected to his scientific work in the swamp for powerful businessman Avery Sunderland (Will Patton).
When Alec goes missing after investigating the unnatural experiments deep in the swamp, something else rises in his place: Swamp Thing (Derek Mears), a mysterious creature born of the depths of the swamp’s mystical and terrifying secrets.
CoSA VFX is very proud of our work on the show, and for an exclusive interview on our website we have talked to CoSA's in-house VFX Supervisor and Co-Founder Tom Mahoney about bringing this creature to life.
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CoSA VFX Makes Gotham’s City Its Star

North Hollywood, CA (29. January, 2016) - CoSA’s Joseph Bell and Andrew Robinson discuss the company’s work on Gotham, and how ftrack has helped CoSA take VFX production management to the next level. 

We’ve seen many renditions of Batman in film and TV, but none like FOX television series Gotham. Here we follow a young Bruce Wayne immediately following the murder of his parents, but long before he chooses to embrace his fateful role as hero and protector.

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 Minority Report’s Sparrow Bots Spread Holiday Cheer

North Hollywood, CA (24. December 2015) - CoSA’s team had a lot of fun this December putting together a unique holiday gift for the Executive Producers of FOX’s Minority Report — life size collectible models of Sparrow bots from the show’s pilot episode.

Inspired by the Spider bots from the Minority Report feature film, Sparrows are the small flying drones used by police office Lara Vega (Meagan Good) to search the inside of an abandoned building and locate a suspect. The Sparrows were CG modeled by CoSA to appear in an elaborate action sequence in the show’s opening episode.

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CoSA VFX Creates Gotham for Warner Bros. and Fox

North Hollywood, CA (23. September 2014) - Gotham EP Danny Cannon and Warner Bros SVP Mark Petulla tapped CoSA VFX to oversee visual effects for the upcoming live action series, set in the eponymous city of DC Comics’ Batman franchise.

In the pilot episode, greenhorn police officer James Gordon – later to become Commissioner Gordon – tangles with Gotham’s criminal underworld in his search for a murderer. “The show has a gritty, realistic feel,” explains CoSA’s Tom Mahoney, the show’s VFX Supervisor. “The heroes and villains haven’t yet attained the mythic status of the Batman movies. We had to create a Gotham City that lives up to fans’ expectations, while still being a completely believable setting for the story.”

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CoSA VFX Breaks Into Alcatraz

Burbank, CA (15. March 2012) - CoSA VFX supplied over 250 visual effects shots for the first season of Alcatraz, airing on Fox this Spring.

“For a show that isn’t necessarily VFX-driven, there’s a lot of variety to the effects work,” says CoSA VFX Supervisor Tom Mahoney. “We’ve been asked to deliver particle simulations of tear gas, matte paintings of San Francisco, look development for hi-tech gadgets and everything in between.”

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CoSA VFX Builds CG Server Room for Person of Interest

Burbank, CA (22. September 2011) - CoSA VFX provided 34 visual effects shots for the pilot of Person of Interest, premiering tonight on CBS.

CoSA’s shots include the dramatic reveal of a vast server room during the final moments of the show. “The brief was to make it feel like the warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark, with the camera pulling back to show a huge room full of towering computer racks,” says CoSA's VFX Producer Joseph Bell.

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Final Destination CoSA VFX

Burbank, CA (15. August 2011) – CoSA VFX, a boutique visual effects facility specializing in feature films and television, contributed 30 stereo VFX shots to the spectacular opening action sequence of Final Destination 5.  The project allowed CoSA to reprise their longstanding relationships with Senior VFX Supervisor Ariel Shaw and VFX Producer Greg Baxter, who awarded CoSA a series of stereo composites using both CG and live action backgrounds.

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