Swamp Thing: Inside CoSA's Work On Episode 2 "Worlds Apart"


The second episode of Swamp Thing arrived on the DC Universe streaming service this morning. Titled "Worlds Apart," we got to see more of the swamp creature as well as even more cinematic high-stakes moments with visual flourishes added by CoSA VFX.

The ideal visual effects are the ones that you don't realize are created digitally, and in a particular case in Swamp Thing Episode 2, CoSA helped create a moment where the creature (played by Derek Mears) literally tears himself apart. CoSA added elements to take the physical suit that was made by Fractured FX and seamlessly create a pivotal moment in the episode.

"When Alec first becomes Swamp Thing, he rejects the idea and starts to tears himself apart looking for the real Alec under the layers of swamp flora," CoSA's Swamp Thing VFX Supervisor Tom Mahoney recalled about the production of the episode. "We created the cavities in his head and added additional slime as he tears off layers, we then have healing vines come out to rebuild him."

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