CoSA VFX Makes Gotham’s City Its Star

CoSA VFX Makes Gotham’s City Its Star

North Hollywood, CA (29. January, 2016) - CoSA’s Joseph Bell and Andrew Robinson discuss the company’s work on Gotham, and how ftrack has helped CoSA take VFX production management to the next level. 

We’ve seen many renditions of Batman in film and TV, but none like FOX television series Gotham. Here we follow a young Bruce Wayne immediately following the murder of his parents, but long before he chooses to embrace his fateful role as hero and protector.

And yet while this young Bruce Wayne is the nucleus of the story, it’s less an origin story of Batman – more an origin of the characters that will ultimately guide his life: characters like detective Jim Gordon and the villainous Penguin.

Compared to the intense action of the big-screen Batman flicks, Gotham is much more grounded, focused on crafting a believable world rooted in emotional drama. And that’s where CoSA VFX has taken charge: although eye-popping visual effects are needed at times, the studio’s core task has been creating a truly convincing vision of Gotham City.

Sometimes that means building upon real-life shots, but other times, it’s meant generating entire CG locations. In either case, the visual effects needed to blend in perfectly with the Gotham’s gritty look. CoSA VFX certainly achieved tremendous results, earning an Emmy nomination for its work on the first season. Click here to continue reading the full article.